HR Structural Authorizations

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HR Structural Authorizations

Post by Madhu12 » Thu Feb 15, 2007 4:25 pm

I need to give our payroll staff access to all the Org units,positions in our company except a few. Do I have to create a new profile with all the objects? It is almost giving an ALL/SAP* profile with simple adjustments.

I have never created profiles before. I am assigning users to the existing profiles and I am not aware of how to create a profile from scratch. What would be some considerations to account and how/who should give the inputs for all the paramenters.

Do I have to manually input all the objects?

Any help is appreciated


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Post by MikeNZ » Fri Feb 16, 2007 7:05 am


You should be able to discuss with someone with HR experience on your site as to what is needed by the payroll team.

- This is likely to be a mixture of Txn codes and Infotypes.
- you should build access through roles (PFCG) rather than profiles
- key objects to consider will be P_ORGIN, P_PCR, PLOG and P_PERNR
see ... ameset.htm
- With P_ORGIN and the peronnel Area and Employee Group feilds you can grant / limit access to a number of employees
- with P_PERNR you can prevent payroll staff from accessing their own records
- Strusctural Authorisations can be used to restrict access to employees via the Org Structure
See for an overview. ... ameset.htm

or googel Structural Authorizations by norm and carl
- however there are a number addtional steps you would need to implement to get Struc Auths working. And if you don't have Auth experience you might be better just sticking with roles and PFCG

Good luck

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