Authorization common Question: add a control in a transactio

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Authorization common Question: add a control in a transactio

Post by Guest » Tue Oct 29, 2002 4:33 am

Hello Sapfans,

We have a problem of lake Authorization check.
An user who has the authorization for the transaction ME22N (modification of order) can delete a post without any Check authority (sawn in ST01).

And there is no control when the user click on the "box".
Our ask is to inactiv the box.
How can I succed with this?
Add an object with activity "Delete" for ME22N in SU24?
How can I be sure the chexk will be on the deletion of a post?
What is the SAP Authorization procedure for this?

Lot of Thanks


Post by Guest » Tue Oct 29, 2002 8:01 am

One precision:

Is it possible to desactiv the box for one Type of document?
I think, I need an Authorization object with fields ACTIVITY and TYPE OF DOCUMENT.

Can we create an object as this?
Or is there no way?

John A. Jarboe

Post by John A. Jarboe » Tue Oct 29, 2002 10:57 am

Generally all major activities are checked by security , While ST01 generally lists all checks it is no 100% accurate because of system settings, though very close.

To add a check you have to open the SAP code and place the check in the code, though this is not recommended.
you may also have a setting marked in SU24 that does causes the check to be bypassed. Look in SU24 for the tcode and look for an appropriate Object and see it the column 'N' is checked. In standard delivered version 4.6 the system setting is such that you can turn off checks if the check is in the code by marking column 'N'. by checking the 'C' or 'CM' column you can "turn-on" the check if the object is checked in the code.

Matt H.

Post by Matt H. » Tue Oct 29, 2002 7:40 pm

Another option is to use transaction SHD0 to create a standard transaction variant that is used every time someone executes ME22N. You can inactivate or make nondisplay (invisible) the checkbox so it can't be selected. After you create the variant and assign it to the appropriate Dev Class be sure to activate it as the "standard" variant. Then you just transport it across your system.

Matt H.

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