Advice on NAS Air (Cloud) devices...

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Advice on NAS Air (Cloud) devices...

Post by DrSidewalk » Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:52 am


I need to get a new device to work as a NAS. I know it's expensive but I would prefer to have a quiet (Fanless) and cold device running using SSD's with an external port to attach a real hard drive for backups, when needed. Would be nice to have one or two spare drive bays to slide SSD's as and when I can afford the damn things. They're not cheap, although getting cheaper, and bigger.

I would like to link iphone's, iPod, iPad, Mac, XBox to the device and stream movies, music, photo's etc.

That's probably the request of a lot of people I know, but, trying to find the right (reliable) device is a real chore.

So, riding on the back of anyone that has already done their research. Has anyone found a device that suits these requirements.
I guess I should mention Cloud services as well, as a lot of the NAS drive act as personal clouds as well. I am not interested in use the device as a Time-Machine for the Mac's, by the way.

Dr Sidewalk

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