Laptops and Smartphones banned in Florida!!!

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Re: Laptops and Smartphones banned in Florida!!!

Post by Martin_US » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:59 am


I am with you on controlling the illegal immigration and to find a way to document the illegals or to send them home.
Either way, no country can allow to have an illegal population. I also agree on the money send back, but alas, we have no business in deciding what people should spend their money for.

Germany had the same flow of money when they invited all the guest workers in the 60's. Whilst this was supposed to be a temp. action, many stayed. I guess there was not much wrong with that generation, but immigration into Europe has also gotten out of control for the reasons already discussed here.

Since the US has effectively only problems at the southern Border, it is always convinient to point to the Hispanics.
I am in California and this used to be theirs before the US took it over by questionable means.

However, the H1B program gets me much more in part for the reasons you describe. But specifically due to the lack of adopting to the american culture. Per statue, the legal pay isn't bad, but the program is misused. H1B holders can by definition not work as travelling consultants as (see the application) they are physically bound to an office location.

Further, I noticed that quite a few wouldn't pass a qualification check, if it was ever conducted.

I came to the US on H1B. I worked in an office for close to 7 years with only occasional travel to client sites.
My employer enaged in further verifyable education for me, thus this was far more as 'do your job'. I was registered officer with the company as well.

Today they hire H1B, let people pay for it, don't provide housing or any accomondation, just let them loose. They have no clue what to expect and because H1B is modern slavery, chances of changing anything are more than slim.

Further, IBM and MS are at least US companies, even if they have world wide operations. I fail to see how the USCIS can permit H1B workers for non-US companies. If they have a location in the US, then L1 Visa would be the proper route to go.

Further, most of the forgein H1B companies only hire foreign people. Thus we need a higher quota for Americans or higher standards why companies can't find adequate workers.

Not that I am a huge Newpaper reader, but I do recall the requirement to have job postings if a company applies for a Green Card on behalf of the worker. In my nearly 25 years in the US, I have not once seen such an Ad.

I don't have a problem with immigration. I only think the way it is done is completely wrong.

As for the Mexicans: I think it is a good start to allow them to get documented and also have migrating farm worker Visas. However, I also think that from a specific date onward the US should get tough on illegal immigration. We had this legalization with Clinton, but it didn't quite work out. I myself have travelled very frequently to Mexico, have distant relatives there and even worked there for a while. If everyone plays by the rules, then nothing is wrong with it.

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Re: Laptops and Smartphones banned in Florida!!!

Post by Craig » Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:55 am

Yep.. a lot if it just comes down to securing the borders and knowing who is here and why. Simple accountability. At least it should be.

Enforce the laws we already have. As you pointed out, even the rules around the H1B program and green card process are not followed as they should be.

I keep wondering why this seems to be such a strange concept to so many people!


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Re: Laptops and Smartphones banned in Florida!!!

Post by Snowy » Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:08 pm

Craig wrote:Here's an article from today's Philly papers. ... _else.html
I love that quote:
"A woman need to shut her damn mouth."
Man... freedom of speech can make you stupid things.

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