Current employer looking to install SAP

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Current employer looking to install SAP

Post by bough » Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:20 am


This may be a stupid question on this forum, but I am just trying to learn about SAP and its deployment. I currently work for a publishing company in the operations department, so we are currently responsible for development of internal procedures. I am trying to learn about how the new SAP R3 systems are generally deployed and if most of the development work is moved outside of the client that is installing the new systems.

I know this is dependant on the company and the agreement but does SAP tend to keep internal operations as part of its set-up or is this generally moved outside and handled mostly by SAP itself?

The more information I have would be useful as the process is still in early days and I am unable to locate any details in this regard.

also if anyone is aware of any good links in regards to how SAP generally operates for a new client that would be fully appreciated

Sorry if this seems an inappropriate or wrong post for this forum


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