Question to contractors

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Question to contractors

Post by YuriT » Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:31 am

What are the minimum requirements for a permanent job for you to consider it?

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Re: Question to contractors

Post by Squarebear » Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:47 am

I'll start off with the bar set very very low.

A bit of background.

I've been contracting a fair while. Up until 6 or 7 years ago I managed to be home-based roughly 60% of the time, although this often involved convoluted journeys and ridiculously little sleep. One example is when I had to travel down a notorious piece of the British motorway system so kept setting my alarm earlier each morning in an effort to beat the traffic. Returning from a family holiday I was staggered to see my alarm for the next morning was set for 4.40.

Since my marriage broke up in 2003 I've managed only two weeks where I was sleeping in my own bed ahead of a day at work, and even then work was 90 minutes away. Sure, financially, I've recouped some of the losses resulting from my marriage break-up, but I'm tired. Tired of having forfeited all that time I could be spending with my son; tired of never having a social life except with colleagues; tired of a circle of friends who all seem to be abappers; tired of sacrificing a normal life for a few quid. And I'm tired of corporate bullshit coming from the mouths of 25 yearold consultants, and finally tired of having to start out at new clients and getting used to their way of doing things, which used to interest me. Now it bores me. I'm ready to get out. Money is no replacement for a proper life.

So geography is now my number one factor with regard to taking a perm job.

Though I wouldn't do it for less than 40K :)
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Re: Question to contractors

Post by muhnkee_2 » Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:52 am

i am a whore for money - so they would need to pay as much net as my current "tax efficeint arrangement" contracting set up does.
plus they would need to give me the flexibility to choose when i travel and where too.

if someone can offer me that, then i would put up with performance reviews, crap management and smiling at company meetings!
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Re: Question to contractors

Post by Squarebear » Thu Nov 25, 2010 4:02 am

Oh, why did you have to go and mention performance reviews? My enthusiasm just nosedived. :lol:
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Re: Question to contractors

Post by VLozano » Thu Nov 25, 2010 4:06 am

I'm a perma-permie... I don't care about money (once they crossed my "needs-line" limit), but about environment. I kept all my jobs (except the first one) just because environment conditions:
- competent managers (I found some in my career)
- friendly colleagues
- time flexibility (be able to go in soon or later depending my family needs, and be able to go home when I need -once the work is done and/or my hours are completed)

And then, cash. I want to pay my bills with a bit plus to save and another bit to waste. Once those numbers are fill, every cent over them is a gift I want not to pay for ("we decided to raise your salary" "why?" "a new duty" "no thanks").

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Re: Question to contractors

Post by The Prince Of Darkness » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:55 am

It's a good time ot make the permie switch (in UK).

I just booked 3 days off next April. Combined with National holidays it looks like this;

Friday 22 Apr - UK Holiday for Good Friday
Saturday 23 Apr - Weekend
Sunday 24 Apr - Weekend
Monday 25 Apr - UK Holiday for Easter Monday
Tuesday 26 Apr - One of the 3 days I've booked
Wednesday 27 Apr - One of the 3 days I've booked
Thursday 28 Apr - One of the 3 days I've booked
Friday 29 Apr - UK Holiday for someones wedding
Saturday 30th Apr - Weekend
Sunday 1st May - Weekend
Monday 2nd May - UK Holiday - not sure why

That's 11 consecutive days off for the price of 3! All on full pay!

Contractors will be skint. Ha ha ha.
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Re: Question to contractors

Post by Jim B » Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:41 pm

I've been consulting since 1998 - I contracted from 2000 through 2001, then employee with a consulting company until 2004, contracting since then.I've managed to contract for the last 6 years with only a week or two away from home base, and about 10 weeks all uphen I haven't been able to find any work. Worst time to work apart from that week or two away is about 30 minutes. So I'm pretty happy with that side of contracting.

Money wise, the permanents around here are pretty well paid, once you count in the leave, superannuation etc. So I am not earning a lot more than the permanents, when averaged over a few years.

For me, its the reviews, the planning days, the culture of some of the clients putrs me right off. And remembering back to when I was a permanant having more work dumped on me, my boss would say "you'll just have to fit that in", whereas as a contractor, I say "that will be about 20 days more work, and you want it by the New Year - how about we try to find an extra contractor?" and the client then considers the dollars. Much simpler.

The best was on a client site where a planning day was scheduled, being told I wouldn't be required that day. The permanents got to go to the planning day, I got a day off (unpaid, but still good). The permanents were not happy!

So I think I would want a lot of maney, and it would have to be the right employer,


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