SAPFans Basic Rules

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SAPFans Basic Rules

Post by thx4allthefish » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:22 am

Sapfans Basic Rules ! ! !

Hi SAPFans,

to enjoy this site to its full potential, there are a few simple rules that you must follow...

All Forums:

1) User may be suspended for:
  1. Personal message (PM) abuse
  2. Persistent personal attacks
  3. Persistent posting of illegal material
  4. SPAM
  5. Attacking moderators
2) Topics that may be edited/locked/deleted without notice:
  1. The subject/body contains the word "Urgent" or phrases to the same intent
  2. The subject entirely in CAPITALS
  3. The subject contains patterns or visual hooks
  4. The subject is not relevant to the message body or the message body is entirely in CAPITALS
  5. Topics that obviously belong in a different forum - please read the description of the forum before posting!
  6. Topics duplicated in another forum - the mod will decide which topic to lock; this includes crossposting as well as duplicates in the same forum
  7. Topics not in English, or without an English translation
  8. Personal attacks of any sort
  9. Requests for documents - this includes requests for copies of copyrighted material
  10. Persistent swearing
  11. Personal details (without user's sanction)
  12. Asking questions directly to someone in a public forum
  13. Hijacking an existing topic (without OP's sanction)
  14. SPAM
Additional Rules for Technical Forums:
  1. Please use the search facility - your question has probably been asked before! Click here to search SAPFans
  2. Some forums may have a FAQ available for use - use it first!
  3. Make your questions as detailed as time allows
  4. Don't post vague or impossible questions - we are not psychic!
  5. Indicate which version of SAP, DB and OS you are using
  6. Include any SAP error message codes
  7. Don't post endless short-dumps or code
  8. Always enclose examples of coding in code blocks
  9. Keep the thread on subject. Any thread that goes off the original subject may be locked without warning!
  10. Only resurrect an old topic if absolutely necessary
  11. Remember: SAPFans is not a training site. Spoon-feeding is not allowed!
Other guidelines:
  • Provide translations of all unusual acronyms
  • Don't use WEBese or TxT MsG styles of writing
  • Don't use large graphics to illustrate your topic
  • Mark any work-unfriendly links as such! NSFW
  • Advertising and job offers have their own forums
  • Career advice topics should be posted in the Education Services/Training/Certification forum
  • Topics in bold or multiple colours (other than to hilight a word or phrase) can be difficult to read and looks amateurish
  • Don't PM members with questions that should be asked in the forums [Please note that the PM system is for the exchange of personal messages rather than to send unsolicited requests to other users]
  • If your question has been answered thank the user and add [R] to subject
  • If you solve the problem yourself, please post the solution for the benefit of others!
To provide feedback or if you need to comment on or discuss any of these rules, please click here

Above all, Enjoy SAPFans!

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