A tuly place

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A tuly place

Post by ilya » Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:15 pm

http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&source=s ... 19312&z=16

There is street view showing tuly people tuly relaxed after having a drink. A tuly place to be...

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Re: A tuly place

Post by swright » Tue Apr 07, 2009 9:05 pm

Nice one :wink:

Tuly is a surname here in NZ
Captain Tuly, arrived in NZ on 17th February 1877 on the Hopeful. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Tuly kiwi. Image

Putting the Chur in Christchurch, bro!

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Re: A tuly place

Post by muhnkee_2 » Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:47 am

if anyone is interested in purchasing the new 2009 tuly uniform of waist coat, bow tie, suspender socks (and nothing else) i suggest they place their order here before stocks run out:
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