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SAP Analysis for office - Excel download connection issue

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:28 pm
by vr2000
Hello All,
* We are using FIORI for reporting and we do not have SAP GUI installed.

* Certain report is built with AO. We can download and save the excel as .xlsx.

* After download and closing excel, if we try to open excel file again, connection to SAP is not there and AO displays the error as below:

- Requested system could not be found in "logon.ini" (ID-103043). Could not access system XXX for data source XXXXXXXXXXXX.

If we try to do the same on a machine that has SAP GUI installed, it is able to connect back.

Have anyone encountered this before? Any help or insight would be appreciated.
We are using AO version 2.6 for MS Office 32 bit version and support pack 1

best regards,