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European GDPR legislation - is a DIY solution possible?

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:17 am
by Andy Siviter
Just wondering if anyone else using SAP in the EU zone has taken a DIY approach to GDPR* which becomes law in the UK in late may this year?

It would seem like a very involved task and require a lot of knowledge of where personal data is stored and how to safely remove it, how to handle change history, archives and so forth.

I believe SAP is offering a solution to users on latest versions of SAP, but it is rather expensive, and some users are still on old versions.

I am generally interested in how other small companies have tackled this and really any information of interest in this area.

While I have not had this dropped in my lap, I am concerned by the lack of urgency I am seeing, and believing in the old forewarned is forearmed, thought I would start some enquiries.



* General Data Protection Regulations.