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Link Account Group/BP View with Business Partner

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:58 am
by bart jongen
Dear SAPFan,

I am new to S/4HANA. Currently doing some testing on a 1511 on premise system.
I have a few questions, now the XD01/XK01 are gone and we have to work with BP instead:
1. Where can I find the link (I assume it is in customizing, checked the Cross-Application Components > SAP Business Partner chapter) between the BP Role and the Account Group (DEBI for example)?
2. Where can I customize the BP view (for exampe: where can I configure per BP role that for instance Sales & Distribution data is relevant)?
3. in the BP concept in S4HANA, regarding screen layout (for example: which fields are mandatory?): what is leading: the screen layout configured within the Account group or the screen layout configured within the Business Data Toolset?

Thanks for your replies in advance.