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HTR AdHoc VS SAP Qry VS Rpt Ptr VS Rpt Wtr VS Crystal Rpts

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:20 pm
by cmsaw
My company recently converted to SAP (ERP). On our previous system our employees were easily able to pull data out of system into reports. This caused issues which is why when implementing SAP we setup many restrictions. I am encountering many employees who are now struggleing to get the info they need out of the system. We are using BI (Webi, Bex Queries) , HTR Adhoc Queries, Standard Reports and a limited number of ABAP custom reports.

We need to better find a way to get the employees what they need. I need to know the basic differences between HTR AdHoc Qry, SAP Qry, Rpt Writer, Rpt Painter, Crystal Reports and the limitations of each. Trying to figure out what to use when and if there are reasons not to use a particular tool. For example to resource intensive or opens up too much info. I have been working with HTR AdHoc Qry and have found it has many limitations which is causing people to dump the data and then go crazy with v-look ups and pivot tables.