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SAP Console / RF

Third Party products such as GuiXT, BMC Patrol, Vertex, Ixos etc...

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SAP Console / RF

Postby jbloem21 » Tue Nov 25, 2003 3:17 pm

Is anyone using SAP's console to communicate to WM & SD modules?

SAPconsole vs. 3rd party products

Postby Guest987 » Wed Nov 26, 2003 7:39 am

Since you are in the 3rd Party section, I'll bring up what we are considering instead of SAPconsole (I'll leave others to comment on SAPconsole usage).

In looking at our total integration needs, we desired an approach with the least amount of development effort so we considered other more complete solutions since we want to grow and extend the functionality of our SAP system without upgrading (but not adding in middleware either). Take a look at this URL: ... uting.html

What is cool about this product is that it uses standard protocols and doesn't change SAP at all. I know most people will advise developing everything from scratch, but the cost of doing so would be prohibitive to get a complete set of management tools that a commercial product offers. As well, in our case, we reduced the number of SAP licenses and will therefore pay for our development costs in a short time.

Postby giantpeople77 » Wed Nov 26, 2003 2:11 pm

987 - Do you have all the transactions built already?
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Re: SAP Console / RF

Postby leonfe » Thu Aug 26, 2004 4:50 am

jbloem21 wrote:Is anyone using SAP's console to communicate to WM & SD modules?

Dear jbloem21,

I have use SAPConsole since version 4.0B, eventhough the component was not available on the GUI installation we succesfully installed and I have been using it since the 4.5 years ago. Mainly the standard SAP transactions are somewhat limited and restricted, and you must adapt your business or run it very similar to what SAP proposed. So, I have spec custom develop transactions to map the business requirements.

The range goes from WM, IM and SD. Some even where schedule for PM.

If you need more specific answer let me know.

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Postby STM » Tue Sep 07, 2004 12:32 am

Dear jbloem21,

I have customised some transactions in WM and PP. How can I make it run on Pocket PC or in DOS based devices. can i use Telnet server in both cases?

How do i map my customised program to SAP standard program RLMENU? Pls help me on this regard.

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Postby KLD » Thu Sep 16, 2004 10:11 am


The difference in the AMP product and alternatives is that other solutions are either independent front ends with pre-built apps, middleware or they are piggybacking on the limited functionality of SAPconsole. The AMP product is firstly a complete mobile framework and they offer some pre-built templates to accelerate development.

So, in answer to your question, yes, all SAP transactions are available to the client to build any mobile application for ANY module. Since the development environment is within SAP using the mobile framework workbench, all transactions are accessible. When the app is complete, it is exported as a Java applet (Java code is automatically generated) to reside on any Windows or RF device. Combining the transaction management tools for troubleshooting, the offline capability, etc., this is really a nice solution for many clients.

Postby MajestiC » Fri Jan 28, 2005 10:01 pm

Perfect tread for my question..

We are currently using Falcon 325 scanners with Vt220 emulator installed to connect to SAP console via wireless. Since the hardware installed in scanner are obsolete, RF card (Proxim) and AP (Proxim). I would like to replace them with Symbol Mc9060G Scanners with Cisco 1200 Aironet AP.

My question is: Is it possible install SAP client in Symbol scanner?if so, what do i need to make this possible? or should I stick using Telnet to connect to SAP console?

I would like to avoid using the telnet option b/c i will encounter issues using the function keys with the symbol scanner. By having the SAP client installed on the Symbol (Mc9060G) scanner will provide easier operation by using the touch screen and better resolution color screen.

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Postby KLD » Tue Feb 01, 2005 10:39 am


I am not familiar with any way to install the SAP client on a GUI based scanner, to date. Moving to a GUI interface is definitely much better for your end users than what the old VT220 emulation provided.

There are some vendors, like Catalyst ( ... onsole.asp ), that have taken SAPconsole well beyond its initial development and you can add some GUI interfaces via SAPconsole, however, it still has transaction limitations and is difficult to develop custom apps so you should take are hard look.

As well, I would also suggest the AMP mobile tool ( ) that can either use your existing infrastructure as well as the new GUI devices (w/touch screen, voice input, color, etc.) to develop a complete mobile application with all of the custom and standard transactions you might need to best suit your particular user base. It is all in ABAP (no middleware), so you already have the skills to use it.

Best of luck,


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