SAP Integration with SharePoint and Office 365 in minutes...

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SAP Integration with SharePoint and Office 365 in minutes...

Post by SharePointFrank » Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:27 am

The new Layer2 Cloud Connector offers full SAP to SharePoint / Office 365 data integration using the Layer2 Data Provider for OData via SAP NetWeaver without any coding, with just a few minutes of configuration. SAP data queries via OData are synchronized with native SharePoint lists, e.g. Contacts, Tasks or custom lists. All list features are fully available, e.g. search, metadata, offline and mobile access, change notifications, workflows - in case SAP source data is changed, deleted or added. No configuration changes are required in SAP or SharePoint. All SharePoint 2013 and 2010 Editions are supported, including free Foundation and Online / Office 365 (any plan). Bi-directional connections are supported as well.

The connector is installed in the customer's network as a Windows service and keeps both data entities - SharePoint and SAP - in sync. No need to open the corporate network for direct access from outside. No data is transferred to any 3rd party. SharePoint users are working with a cached copy of the SAP data, thats why no SAP licenses are required.


More Information and a step-by-step intro can be found here: ... ayer2.aspx

A free trial with a pre-configured connection to the SAP NetWeaver Demo Portal is available for download after registration here: ... ce365.aspx

In case if interrest, please post here or contact directly.

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