How to integrate the online fax service to a SAP CRM?

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How to integrate the online fax service to a SAP CRM?

Post by rissen » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:47 am

Today's business models are automating, unifying and digitizing methods of communication with customers, merchants and partners. In many respects, with 130 million fax devices connected worldwide, fax remains an important means of exchanging business documents. By being able to easily combine the simple power of fax technology with SAP, or with other CRM, ERP and e-Commerce software platforms, every company can have instant access to unified document communications for their e-business strategy.

Does your e-business application need to send and receive faxes and manage your business fax workflow?
To accommodate the daily faxing needs of corporations, Popfax provides 2 free APIs SOAP and SMTP for a variety of enterprise applications. Documents from your SAP or CRM are sent through Popfax servers to the fax destination numbers. The faxes incoming to your dedicated numbers are routed by Popfax to your company CRM, SAP or other e-commerce system.

The integrable Fax Solution allows you to Send and receive faxes right from SAP modules, CRM directories, e-commerce systems, ERP tools, etc., include cover pages and signatures in outbound faxes, personalize documents for each recipient, receive notifications on each fax delivery and resend failed faxes in two clicks, perform faxmailing to multiple users using your own distribution lists, etc.

Subscribe to the service at http://www.popfax.comand, in a matter of minutes, you can integrate the fax function into your software for purchase orders, invoices, account statements (and others) directly from an SAP system or any other CRM platform.

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Re: How to integrate the online fax service to a SAP CRM?

Post by Gothmog » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:52 am

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