uPerform Tutorial Formatting Issue

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uPerform Tutorial Formatting Issue

Post by flooseman » Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:38 pm

I am a recent newcomer to uPerform and I have been charged with producing tutorials for how to create documents we have created in SAPs Business Objects. I have written training materials in the past using other products and when I have created step by step procedures for users to follow, I always use screenshots so that what the user sees in the tutorial will coincide, as much as possible, with what they are seeing in Business Objects when they are attempting to create the report.

Based on previous authors here who have used uPerform, I am right off the bat seeing something that I would like to correct. Each step captured in Recording Mode captures a screen image that is useful, but the title for the step appears beneath the captured screen image. In my prefered experience, the title for each step of a process should appear above the image rather than below it. Digging through the Creating / Managing Content PDFs is rather daunting since I am confronted by the usual time constraints that prevent me from being able to dig thru the material at my own pace.

Is it possible to change the formatting of a uPerform document such that each step title appears above rather than below the accompanying screen image :?:

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