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Advice/feedback on a new product

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Advice/feedback on a new product

Post by GarethCogent » Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:48 am

Hi Guys,

The reason I am posting here today is that we have created a range of products for archiving images/notes against business objects and I would love to get some feedback from experienced SAP users on what they think of the product and any tips on how we can let people know about it.

We have created three products, one for scanning/indexing high volumes of images against SAP documents, one which is a much lighter version where you browse to an image/file then select your document type and add the required index fields and a third which allows users to drag and drop files/emails into an application which sits on your desktop and reads the SAP screen that you have open for the indexing fields. Users can also add notes in this application which can be seen by anyone that has access to that document.

I think the third one especially would be very useful for people, what do you think?


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