guixt scripts

Third Party products such as GuiXT, BMC Patrol, Vertex, Ixos etc...

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guixt scripts

Post by davenerada » Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:43 am

hello i was wondering if some one could hlep me. i tried to do the below command in saplatp4.e0500 useing GUIXT

if Q[Page=Standard Order:Purchase Order Scheduling]

enter "=TEIL"

if Q[Page=Standard Order:Availability Control]

enter "/18"

it didnt work can anyone please help me out with this?
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Re: guixt scripts

Post by AndyW » Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:49 am


For a start you haven't got any ELSE or ENDIF statements - I'm not sure if that would cause this not work but I get that right first ( Also you need to make sure that the text appearing on the Tabs is exactly as you have entered in the script i.e. "Standard Order:Purchase Order Scheduling".

Also, not wanting to state the bleeding obvious but what you are trying to do is an Input Assistant script which is different to a guiXT script. Based on your post it looks to me as if you are confusing the two - sorry if I've misjudged that! Input Assistant requires additional licensing whereas guiXT is complimentary with SAP and does not. If you don't have licenses for Input Assistant then what you are trying to do will not work.

Hope that helps


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