How to populate "Batch number" from ORDERS idoc

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How to populate "Batch number" from ORDERS idoc

Post by sapsd73 » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:29 am

Currently we have ORDERS idoc (basic type ORDERS05 ) coming into SAP and the idoc creates a sales order.

The material number in SAP is 340019925 but idoc does not carry this material number. Rather idoc carries EAN (international article number) in E1EDP19 003 qualf and field IDTNR . So no issues and sales order is created with material 340019925.

but when the sales order is created, the batch number in line item is blank and users enter batch number manually (batch is defined for material 3400199225 in SAP ).

Now we want the batch number to populate in sales order line item automatically from above idoc. I have used segment E1EDP19 with 010 qualifier and added SAP batch number in field MFRNR of segment E1EDP19 but the batch number is not populated although idoc is processed ok and sales order created. I have used other fields of segment E1EDP19 with the batch number and sales order is created but no batch number is populated !

In which segment and field we need to put the SAP batch number in idoc so that sales order is created with that batch number at sales order item level ?

we do not want to do a any coding !


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