Creating idoc on deleting shipment

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Re: Creating idoc on deleting shipment

Post by Martin_US » Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:41 pm

User exit on deletion of document.

I seriously doubt thought you have a handle on the process chain, because you would need to verify first the status of the shipment with the 3rd party. Unless you have a stringent process in place where you can rely on getting a shipping confirmation from the 3rd party etc.

Even then, you may want to recall deliveries that are already en-route to the customer for some reason.

I have noticed that you frequently ask for solutions, which in a normal business scenario would rarely happen.
It appears, you guys are driven by exceptions.

Plus of course, you would need to reverse the GPI, which physically might be in an uncertain status at the time of reversal. Based on your products, you may not even be able to just cancel a delivery/shipment without returning the goods through a QM process, at which point you are looking more at a RMA process.

I have been in this kind of situation, but that was mainly caused by untrained users who screwed up the sequence of the process. Which in turn led to inventory problems and what have you not.

If fact, your shipping documents should be triggered/confirmed by the 3rd party. Meaning the stuff is on the Truck or whatever and by that time, it is virtually too late to cancel.

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