idoc connection error for LS partner

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idoc connection error for LS partner

Post by MMBabe » Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:16 pm

Hello EDI expert,

I got the "Maintain outgoing EDI-connection data for partner TESTEDI" when attempting to create LAVA output, med 6, function LS. (NO issue with function SH, but i'm not sending the file to the customer)

I was able to generate in LAVA output, medium 6 (EDI), function SH. No problem here.

But what i really want to do is to send the idoc file to a directory (Logical system LS), not to a customer (Shipto Customer SH). When i generate the output from the delivery document (VL02N), a box pops up with 3 partners (Sold to, shipto, operator). Logical system is not an option for me. Also, I need this logical system to be a default value for all deliveries too (All outbound idoc files will be sent to a directory where a middleware will pick it up and process it.)

Here is what I've done so far:
1. Setup LAVA output to EDI medium. No issue here

2. tcode WE21
Portname: TMS
Version: idoc record types SAP release 4.x.
System setting: Unicode format

Outbound file:
physical file checked
Directory: name of directory
Outbound file- Outbounddel.xml

Access Test was successful to the directory. No issue in this step

3. Setup partner profile WE20

Partner No = TESTEDI

Outbound parameters:
Partner role = Blank
Message type = DESADV
Receiving port = TMS (setup in step 2)
Basic Type = DELVRY06

Message Control:
Application = V2
Message type = LAVA
Process code = DELV

5. Setup the condition record. NO issue here.

6. When I tried to create output LAVA from the delivery:

output = LAVA; medium = 6; function = LS

Partner = TESTEDI (i had to manually type it in. I need this to be a default for all deliveries as they will be sent to the same place), but for now, only Soldto, Shipto, and Operator partners pop up. Do i need to config TESTEDI as a default partner? Please provide instructions on how to set this up.

I got the error message" Maintain outgoing EDI-connection data for partner TESTEDI".

Please advise what is missing from my configuration.
Thank you very much for your help!!


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