ORDERS05 vs ORDERS02 IDOC - Configurable Materials

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ORDERS05 vs ORDERS02 IDOC - Configurable Materials

Post by LegoCollector2112 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:25 am

I need to map via EDI configurable materials, and we are currently using ORDERS05. Most of the notes on the web say to use orders02 for configurable materials. However, I noticed the same structures mentioned for configurable are in both orders05 and orders02.

Main question, is it then possible to use orders05 and plug in the data you need? I can start messing around with WE19, but was curious if anyone has ever used orders05 for this. Thanks

CU: reference order item / instance in configuration
CU: configuration data
CU: instance data
CU: part_of data
CU: assigned values

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