Standard EDI Formats to be used now and future in Roll Out?

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Standard EDI Formats to be used now and future in Roll Out?

Post by Dogbomber » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:48 am

Hi all

I am not sure if I have posted at the right place. But hope everyone here can give me your valuable opinions. Thanks.

This is the second time I implement EDI project and my SECOND client from CHINA has asked me if there is/are standard EDI format(s) that many 3rd party logistics provider used in China. Client's reason is that the EDI design must be comprehensive so that later on roll out to other countries the same design can be reused and it will have less changes in EDI Design.

Based on my previous 1st EDI experience in Singapore, my initial take is that we should compile and identify the most commonly used EDI format (such ANSI X.12, XML, Tradacoms, EDIFACT and etc) and we will recommend what the most commonly use EDI formats are and request the EDI File Formats of these types to be used by the partner.

Any my first client is very harsh in EDI formats and make the partners to comply with the only few EDI formats we set up in the system. Whoever fails to comply will not have business with them anymore.

However, the above harsh approach may not be suitable in my new client in China.

And I come across the term SAP PI that can work as a EDI Translator to receive any incoming EDI format from partners (3rd party logistics provider) and translate them into IDOC to be used in SAP.

Would like everyone here to give me their opinion on this.


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