Idoc ORDERS --> plant missing in the final order

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Idoc ORDERS --> plant missing in the final order

Post by sleclair » Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:25 am


With an external company, we use the standard Idoc ORDERS to transfer a purchase order from the partner company into a sales order in our company.
During the different tests I did, everything worked properly except that the field VBAP-WERKS is not filled-in.
During a debud I noted this field is not completed in the internal table BDCDATA.

I followed the different instructions found in this forum to transfer the plant through a different way. With these different ways, I got an additional line in BDCDATA for the field VBAP-WERKS, but then the sales order creation fails in error.

So without the plant, I get the sales order, but it's not complete, with the plant it fails in error.

To try to understand what could be missing in BDCDATA, I used SHDB to record the sales order creation. But as soon as I enter the plant and I validate, the record is immediately stopped and the system display the result of SHDB.

We are working with configurable materials. This means as soon as the plant is completed, the system has to enter in the configuration. I suppose this is the origin of the error, but I don't understand how to correct it, especially when it happens also in SHDB.
Do you have any idea ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Sandrine Leclair

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