Printing from Iview->SAP Transaction HTML

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Printing from Iview->SAP Transaction HTML

Post by philippeacock » Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:04 am

(Sorry in advance if this is a repost... I sent it yesterday but cannot find it on the forum list).

I have setup an Iview to point to an SAP transaction as an HTML page. I understand
that the end user does not have SAPlpd so cannot use standard "print" requests.

I have seen references to setting up a "Web Printer" for this case. I understand the
concept would be the print driver captures the file into a PDF format and then does
a MIME download to the web browser.

I cannot find any references to this in the R/3 BC documentation and Googling it
doesn't get me any closer. Does anyone have any more information on setting this up?

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