SAP Portal Integration with SAP Exim

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SAP Portal Integration with SAP Exim

Post by kaushiba » Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:47 am

I need some information on SAP Portal Integration with SAP Exim; so, that SAP Exim can be used by business end user from SAP Portal as UI. As per my initial inquiry about SAP Exim; I came to know that it's the SAP TM and it is used for indirect taxation. Could you provide me some light on my below queries?
1> Do we need any special version of portal with a per-required version of SAP Exim?
As per my understanding; SAP Exim is SAM TM and it's quite old SAP Component from ECC side.
2> Also, there is another question; do we need to deploy sca specific to SAP TM in SAP NetWeaver Portal Java Engine to get SAP TM Template iView for SAP Portal? Do we have SAP TM Template iView ?
3> Any special SAP TM System or is it same like creating ECC System with system alias?
4> Do it work in BSPs and those BSP applications are accessed in portal via URL iViews?
Please give me some insights to my above questions.

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SAP Portal Integration with SAP Exim

Post by Gupsiddist » Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:57 am

No table parameters? Then there is not much you can do wrong....? Tried reimporting the function assuming it changed on the SAP side recently?

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