[Retail] WPUUMS idoc price condition

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[Retail] WPUUMS idoc price condition

Post by Eggy » Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:51 am

At my current customer they have designed a process for POS idoc processing which differs from standard SAP. This has to do with the way they pay suppliers for consignment stock. As a result, the prices used by default SAP in related documents is not correct.

The price they want to use in the documents is based on the sales price, on which we have to perform a few simple calculations (for taxes and such). The sales price is one of the values in the WPUUMS idoc we are processing.

And this is where it becomes rather technical:
We have defined a condition formula for condition PB00
In it, we are able to change the price, hooray.
Although we are able to retrieve all lines of the idoc that is being processed, we have no way of identifying the line that is currently being processed. To do that, we need material number (got it), the amount (got that) and the price (nope, nowhere to be found). The price from the WPUUMS idoc is nowhere in memory. Not local, not global, apparently since it does not matter to the PB00 condition.

And since a material can appear in the idoc multiple times (i.e. one time normal price and one time with discount because it's got a stain in it), we're not always able to match the line currently being processed to a line from the idoc.

I've been debugging for hours looking for the missing link. BADIs aren't at the right spot, no user exit will help... is this thing even possible? Thanks in advance for the help :)

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