ISU - Display of security deposit in CIC0 transaction

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ISU - Display of security deposit in CIC0 transaction

Post by VincentR » Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:40 am


I am deploying the standard process of deposit requests' managing (by transaction FPSEC1/2/3). One of the the requirement is that these deposit request should be available in the transaction CIC0 under each concerned contract account. Here is below the beginning of my investigation (sorry I can't add any screenshot, how can we do this?)

1) Description of the actual customization

Transaction ENVD: Customization of CIC0 transaction:
By this transaction, I can see all the objects which can be displayed on CIC0.

On our system, we have defined a view on which ISU print documents and SD orders are displayed.
On the action profile, you can define actions to be executed when the user is double-clicking on the reference number. As an example, for SD order, we have this customization:

So when the user is double-clicking on a SD order reference number, the system is calling the method Display of the object type ISUSDORDER.

2) Description of the new requirement
The Key users would like to display also Deposit requests. Deposit requests are managed by transactions FPSEC1/2/3. They would like especially to display the archived correspondence. I have found the concerned object type and concerned method to use in order to display these archived correspondences.

But now my problem is that I can’t find any standard object on transaction ENVD which can be linked to deposit requests. Do you know if it’s possible to take a non-used object and use it to display deposit request?

Or o you know another solution to have deposit request displayed in CIC0 transaction? Thanks


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