EAN Check Digit

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EAN Check Digit

Post by aroukas » Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:54 am

Good morning,
I'm configuring the EAN in SAP, and needed to know if SAP is able to
well as validating the check digit EAN, correct check digit to the right.

Best Regards,
António Pinho

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Re: EAN Check Digit

Post by YYZ_SAP » Thu May 12, 2011 9:36 am

According to some search on the internet (on SAP EAN check):

You define EAN categories in Customizing for the Article Master in the activity Define Attributes of EANs. The EAN category defines the following attributes of the relevant EAN:
Type of number assignment, that is, internal and/or external number assignment
Check digit algorithm determining whether a check digit is required

A check digit is required with check digit algorithm 1 (the standard EAN check digit algorithm). In the case of internal number assignment, the check digit is determined automatically.

A check digit is not required with the other check digit algorithms. They identify the format of the EAN, for example, 3 indicates a fresh produce EAN with a Standard Article Number (SAN).
Prefix in the case of fresh produce EANs
EAN length
Whether the EAN may be alphanumeric

If you specify an EAN, but not an EAN category, when creating an article master record, the system determines the EAN category automatically. If you specify the EAN category, but not an EAN, the system determines the EAN automatically if internal number assignment is allowed by the EAN category.

Jan Pel

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