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Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:09 am
by Raistlin82
We have detected a problem in automatic BP alignment between ISU and SD
master data (after customizing setting of reference customer), both in
BP creating and changing.
Specifically, fields KNA1-STCD1 and KNA2-STCD2 (IT1, IT2 taxtype)
containing BP tax information, are not updated in creation process and
are deleted in editing process.
Instead is properly valued the field that contains the VAT EEC (KNA1-
STCEG who matches IT0 taxtype).

About this, in FM ISU_CUSTOMER_DATA_SET, specifically in the form
KNA1_SETZEN, is filled xy_customer_data-a1 structure, which is then
copied on others and used for KNA1 upgrading.
In KNA1_SETZEN form, there are many rules (based on conditions linked
to the country) for filling fields STCD1 STCD2 STCEG.
Based on this rules, only STCEG field is finally valued.and for the one
reason that first and second digit of VAT matching first and second of

How can we solve this problem?
Best regards,