new BP-roles in dropdownbox BP (bus_joel_main)

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new BP-roles in dropdownbox BP (bus_joel_main)

Post by wesleyvp » Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:04 pm

Hi all,

At the moment, where are implementing quite a lot of changes in our SAP-ISU system in order to fulfil the requirements for the new market model.

One of these changes is adding three new business partner roles to the transaction BP.
The names of the roles are already on the tabs by building some new screens and customizing. Though, through customizing in SPRO and BUSD, it seems not possible to add these roles to the dropdown box in the main screen. In this dropdown box, the roles should be selected in order to maintain them in the tabs.

Can someone tell me where to customize this dropdown list? It would be of great use in order to proceed our implementations.

Thanks in advance!


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