Config for Automatic Write off during Clearing

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Config for Automatic Write off during Clearing

Post by Pramoda99 » Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:49 am

Hello All

I have a requirement.

During postings of Payments via payment lot, any difference up to 10p has to be written off automatically

To elaborate , I have Inv for $100,01.Now if the payment is made for $100, the payment should

1. Clear the Inv for $100 &

2. Post10p as write off document.

I have configured tolerance limits for $1, clearing rules are config as below

Grp string = Inv no
Sorting string = CA & Inv

Group rule
Amount rule = 4; Amount Check group is =010
Write off tolerenace is checked

the amount check grp is config as follow:

From amount =0,01
Clrng rule = 91
Diff dnwd = 0,01
Diff upwd = 0,01

Now with the above config, when I tried to create Inv for $100,01 and Payment for $100, I'm not able to post 0,01 as write off document.

A'm missing any thing? Your thoughts are much appreciated

Kindly revert with your suggestions


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