BDC/Batch input IS-U Automatic Clearing (FPMA)

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BDC/Batch input IS-U Automatic Clearing (FPMA)

Post by kenzi » Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:42 am


I have a problem in transaciton Automatic Clearing tcode FPMA.
When online it is working properly
When in background it does not work, no Posting is done as check in tcode FPL9.

I have created a BDC/Batch input for transaction IS-U Automatic Clearing (TCode: FPMA). But when I try to run the program, the transaction FPMA does not create a JOB Schedule in the transaction code SM37. This JOB is created if the transaction code FPMA is run online.

I tried also using CATT (TCODE: SCAT) its working well but I need the entries in the upload file per row to be in the selection-option screen (Business Partner in FPMA) but SCAT will not allow this setup and will only upload one row to one FPMA transaction.

the upload file looks like this
[Variant ID] [Variant Text] BA_ID DATE_ID GPART
--> Parameter texts Identification Text Parameter contents
--> Default Values KENZ0 7/9/2008 #0000001235
*** Changes to the default values displayed above not effective
K0008 7/9/2008 13
K0008 7/9/2008 11
K0008 7/9/2008 14
K0008 7/9/2008 15

But FPMA does not allow repeated BA_ID (identification) and Date ID. this should be unique so BDC should be used to filter this out.

any idea of any tool or any approach is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,
Kenzi Sibuma

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