FICA - Clearing Variants - Alternative Clearing Variant

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FICA - Clearing Variants - Alternative Clearing Variant

Post by aby » Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:53 pm

Hi all,

I'm facing an issue with Clearing Variants in FICA,

We have one clearing variant defined with 5 steps. In step 4 we need to attach a customer Function module to validate certain conditions (For eg. We'll be checking whether there are open items from more than one company code), if that validation is successful, we need to trigger the alternative Clearing variant (instead of proceeding with subsequent step 5 of current clearing variant).

In the config of clearing control (VC_TFK115), we have options to specify Customer FM ( Field V_TFK115-FUNCC)
Sample FM given is FKK_SAMPLE_TFK115 .
Also we can specify Alternative Clearing Variant and step ( Field V_TFK115-VERVARA & V_TFK115-STPNOA )

Can someone throw some light on how this Alternative Clearing Variant works (I’m not getting much idea from the documentation)

I assume the alternative clearing variant will be triggered based on some condition / flag setting ( there's one flag Y_GEN_CLRG_PROPOSAL available in the FM interface of FKK_SAMPLE_TFK115 )

All suggestions/comments are most welcome, I tried searching for some documentation on the same, but not able to find anything relevant.

Thanks in advance,
Aby Wilson
Thanks and Regards,


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