Idoc Generation in WPMU when modifying MARC-MABST

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Idoc Generation in WPMU when modifying MARC-MABST

Post by gaby76 » Sun Feb 11, 2007 10:34 am

Hello, :-)

I have a problem when trying to generate an Idoc through out a change pointer related to a change in MARC. The transaction used for the Idoc generation in WPMU.

I have made all the set up needed to generate a Change pointer when changing the field MARC-MMSTA. The issue is that the Idoc on the Post inbound is not generated even though the Change pointer was created ( DMARC structure).

I didn't found any customizing point that link the Change Pointer and the Idoc generation.

Below you will find some test and the results obtained:

-Change any MARA field (DMARA)-->Change pointer and the Idoc is generated correctly

-Change any MARA field (DMARA) and Marc-MMSTA-->Change pointer and the Idoc is generated correctly. The Idoc contains the MARC-MMSTA modification

-Change only Marc-MMSTA-->Change pointer is generated correctly, but not the IDOC

Does anybody know why the Idoc is not generated for the last example?. Does The Idoc generation shouldn't be an standart process once the change pointer is created correctly?

Does the transaction WPMU not generate the Idocs when modifications are related to MARC?

Thanks for your help

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Post by aramk29 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 4:51 am

Hi Gabriela,

Can you try out transaction WPMA which is similar to WPMU?

If you are looking for some specific article update then you can always go to WPER2 and check if anything is not maintained properly for Unit of Measure EA(eg : WLK1,EAN,Price etc)


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