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Diff btw. "End of Billing Period" & "Sche

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 4:35 am
by ss gg
Hi All,
I am a bit confused about the difference bwtween "End of Billing Period" and "Scheduled Billing Date" defined in the Portion.

What these dates are used for?
How come the Scheduled Billing Date can be greater than the End of Billing Period?

Kindly help.

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2007 5:42 am
by isu_guy
difference is clearly observed in case of budget billing.

in budget billing sceduled bill date is monthly/quarterly and period end date is the end date of contract. Then onwards new contract is made by the customer with the utility company.

i hope this helps.

feel free to throw your queries if anything is not clear.