Product Allocations regarding existing open order volumes

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Product Allocations regarding existing open order volumes

Post by adsafc73 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:55 pm

Running ECC60 and APO 2007 (5.1)

We have the above scenario where Sales orders are already entered in ECC for material number. At the time of initial order entry and confirmation the material was no 'on allocation'. Now the Business determines that this material needs to be placed on Allocation. So in ECC we maintain necessary data (Allocation Groups, CVCs, Allocation Quantites, Product Master data assignments.) We then maintain ECC Material master and maintain Intergration models so that subsequent ATP checks for this material will now go through APO GATP Allocation check.

Couple of points/observations.

1. Business does not want to have to manually go into each existing open order and re-run ATP in order to update the Sales Order Qty in our related Product Allocation Planning book. One suggested alternative for updating the Allocation Sales Order quantity is to run Backorder processing. This will effectively re-run ATP on all qualifying orders (defined by BOP Profile) and seemingly will also perform allocation check and pass therefore update the Sales Order Qty.

2. Observed problems with the above where not all qualifying open order qty appears to be pulled into the Planning book. Are there any things that we should check for here that others have experienced?

3. Part of the above issue we have noticed is that even though the Master Data has been updated if we manually go into the Sales order and perform ATP check we do not see the 'Product Allocation' button on the ATP screen. The only way around this is to either delete the line and enter a new line which appears to force a re-read of the master data. (deleting the plant code on the existing line and the re-entering seems to do the same thing). Has anyone seen this before and can anyone offer a better solution to this?

In my ideal situation, we would maintain all of the master data, then run backorder processing one time such that it would pick up all orders now subject to allocation, then update the Allocation Group, and Workbook with the correct ooen order volumes.

Currently we are doing the following.

1. Run an open orders extract to a flat file in ECC.

2. In APO run Backorder processing/

3. Open up the Planning Book and compare volumes with volumes in ECC extract.

4. If discrepancies exist, run /SAPAPO/SDRQCR21 to see if this picks up and updates any of the orders in question.

5. Run /SAPAPO/ATPQ_CHKCUST to identify which order numbers were passed across automatically.

6. For remaining orders on our open orders extract we then have to open the orders one by one and perform step 3 to get the data to pass across.

On point 6, We do know that any orders with Deliveries already created will not pass across (Which makes sense)

Is there a more efficient method to do this? Would appraciate greatly any guidance that can be offered.

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