Add a customized key figure to planning book 9ASNP94

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Add a customized key figure to planning book 9ASNP94

Post by verilog » Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:32 pm

Hi There,

We have copy an customized planning book Z_9ASNP94 and in used with micro right now. There is requirement is:
currently, the key figure 'Stock On Hand' showing the failed stock (customized ATP category YC), I want to find out where it the setting, I go to transaction /SAPAPO/MSDP_ADMIN, and I can't find the key figure for ' Stock on hand', do you know where is the setting to include this ATP category for 'stock on hand'?

And another question is, I want to add a new key figure 'Failed Stock' which will only include the ATP category 'YC' I mentioned above, as I am first time to do that, can someone list what the steps I need to follow? I tried it in the sandbox to create an info object, but I can't see where I should put the ATP category.

Much appreciate,

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