APO Loader with SCM 7.0

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APO Loader with SCM 7.0

Post by Dave2112 » Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:45 am

Has anyone tried to use APO Loader tool with SCM v7.0? I am able to execute a Get Data function, however I get an immediate error when executing a Put Data function. Is there any CIF config that is required on the SCM side to receive data from APO Loader??? CIF is working between ECC->SCM. And I am able to Get Data into APO Loader. But once is set up for and execute Put Data, I get the below error msg.

Put Transfer Data:
Item 1: E/SAPAPO/CIF 7
Message: Logical system has not been asigned to any business system group
Item 2: I APO_BAPI 4
Message: Rollback executed (see long text)
Item 3: I/SAPAPO/CIF 3
Message: Application log (ext. no. TKDBNZEREV6-(OG8XNIEM1M) for obj. APO_BAPI and sub-obj. PRD_APS has been logged.

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