Product allocation after delivery is goods issued

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Product allocation after delivery is goods issued

Post by wiltjoc » Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:24 am

Hi all,

We are using gATP in SCM 5.0 and we actually have a concern with product allocation.
Here is my business case :
When a sales order is created (material A quantity 100), the gATP checks are confirming a quantity of 80 against product allocation. So far, so good ...
When the delivery is finally created, the delivered quantity is shortened (because of missing stock for instance ...) and the goods issue is done with a quantity of 60.
The problem is that the consumed quantity is still 80 according to the product allocation and the customer will not be allowed to get the last 20 ...

On idea is to decrease the consumed quantity or increase the quota after the goods issue is posted but I am wondering if this is something possible ?

Thanks in advance for your contribution :)

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