CTM planned orders consolidation

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CTM planned orders consolidation

Post by ssb2009 » Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:16 pm

Hello CTM experts,

We are facing a typical situation in CTM planning run, where there are daily orders generated as per resource capacity. Let me explain the situation with example :

CTM orders generated as :

Date Order # Qty
01.10.2009 Order # 123 480
02.10.2009 Order # 124 480
03.10.2009 Order #125 480

However we need to have one planned order of Total qty = 1440 i.e (480+480+480)
With Start date : 01.10.2009 and End date 03.10.2009

This planned order will go to R/3 and relaesed as process order.

Is there any CTM setting wherein we can consolidate the CTM daily orders into one planned order ?

Appreciate your response.

Regards, Sam

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Re: CTM planned orders consolidation

Post by ssb2009 » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:23 pm

Aggregation in Capable-to-Match (CTM) takes place in two process steps: The first step is the aggregation itself and the second step is the actual planning of the aggregated demands and receipts. You can carry out aggregation based on a location product hierarchy and resource hierarchy and also use a hierarchy for production process models (PPMs) or production data structures (PDSs).

You have specified at least one valid hierarchy in the CTM profile on the Aggregation tab page or have set the Use Hierarchies from Planning Area indicator. You have selected the header level as planning level.

After aggregation, you can carry out time-based aggregation at header level. During time-based aggregation, CTM combines for each header location product the demands or receipts of specific ATP categories to one single demand or one single receipt. CTM groups these demands or receipts for each period. To determine the periods based on the time stream, CTM uses the time zone of the location.

after maintaining the hierarchy, and attaching it to planning area, and taking CTM run with aggregated product, results are seen in simulation run, but not yet in planning book.

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