Issues in data transfer b/w R/3 and SCEM system

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Issues in data transfer b/w R/3 and SCEM system

Post by srirajesh » Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:11 am


We are working in SCEM system and its been connected to SAP 4.6C system from where all the SO, PO, Delivery data will be transferred to SCEM system.

The problem we are getting is, the event message details are not getting transferred properly into the EM system. For exmaple, if we take Sales Order details, the expected event date and time and Actual date and Time for the 'CREATED' events are getting processed for some order, but not for someothers. Its really puzzled us, how we can go-ahead and look into this issue.

Is there any issue due to the lower version that we are using in SAP R/3 system and anyother reason behind this. Its not only for the 'CREATED' Event that I mentioned above, we have issues for other events as well. Since the Actual event is not updated in EM, that is coming in Overdue. We have checked in R/3, and there everything looks fine.

if anybody gives some lead into this issue, it would be great help for us to find out the Root Cause for this issue.

Expecting your comments/suggestion/valid answers for the above issue.

Thanks in Advance.

Rajesh. S

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