Period lot sizing using planning calelndar in SNP-TLB

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Period lot sizing using planning calelndar in SNP-TLB

Post by niccoo79 » Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:55 am

Hi all,

Is there a period-lot-sizing procedure according
to a planning calendar which can be used in the
Transport Load Builder? (If you for instance want
deliveries from a certain vendor to take place only
on Mondays)

I’ve noticed that there is a periodic lot sizing profile, K,
in the product location master data but it doesn’t seem
to work as described above.

I know it’s possible to use the period factor to
define where in the week a requisition is
placed but the TLB-run doesn’t consider
these dates when creating TLB-shipments.
Is it possible to influence the delivery
date during the TLB-run without doing it
manually? How is the delivery date calculated
during the TLB-run?

Do you know if there is a badi I can use to change
the suggested delivery date in the TLB-run?

Appreciate your help. Thanks.


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