Changing material in planned independent requirements

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Changing material in planned independent requirements

Post by klevaru » Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:46 pm

Hi all!

Can APO solve next problem: we have finished product M1(FERT). We are planning M1 and selling M1, and planing row materials M2(ROH) for M1. Then, business decides to produce M1a (analog) instead of M1. And M1a has it's own BOM. It means, that in M1 BOM there migh me unique row material which was used only in M1. In this case business need to calculate - at which date it is optimal to switch M1 to M1a so, that stock level for unique raw materials of M1 will be 0.

On the other side of this problem is, that planned independent requirement (and is for M1 for a while. Becouse, they don't know exactly when M1 will be switched to M1a they plan M1 with long forward margin. And it brings new requirement for M2 which are incorrect.

We want that sap somehow calculate optimal date of switching M1 to M1a and since that date plan to produce M1a even if in planned independent requirement is M1. (If in ERP in MM02 define follow-up material it does't work with planned independent requirement).

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Re: Changing material in planned independent requirements

Post by apo klaus » Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:59 am

Hi klevarun,

you did not mention which module of APO you are using, but I try to drop down
some thoughts:

If M1 has an alternative M1a it might mean, that M1 has two alternative boms.
This boms can be modelled by alternative PPMs oder PDS ( different input material).
If you maintain different costing in header of PPM or PDS, the first (standard) PPM
or PDS will used in MRP.

If you decide to consume existing stock of M2a, you can switch PDS in PP/DS
planned order.

If you are talking about SNP, the optimizer creates planned orders and the drivers
for target function might be to reduce inventory. This may lead to planned orders
using PDS(a) consuming existing stock of M2a



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