ATP Check against multiple Storage Locations in GATP

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ATP Check against multiple Storage Locations in GATP

Post by bstrickler » Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:48 am

We have a requirement to check for stock at multiple storage locations within a plant.
On order entry, they want to use our default Storage Location (SLOC001), which is the one we ship out of. If there is no stock available there, they want the system to look at the second Storage Location (SLOC002). However, they do not want the Storage Location to flip on the Sales Order from SLOC001 to SLOC002... they want the confirmation to look like it is against SLOC001. This way the Sales Order remains confirmed using the Dates from GATP. Then if the delivery is created and no stock is in SLOC001 but there is stock in SLOC002, we are going to block the delivery for a manual resolution to transfer the stock from SLOC002 to SLOC001.
Basically, they want SLOC001 to include SLOC002 stock.
A few caveats unique to the system:
1. SLOC001 contains the General Available Stock
SLOC002 contains Quality Inspection Stock
2. Stock Type Quality Inspection for General Availability cannot be used because we are also using SAP QM, but not with Material Movements. Basically, an interface with a 3rd party Warehouse Management System
creates an Inspection Lot in SAP while another interface from the same system Goods Receipts product into SAP SLOC002 shortly after the Inspection Lot is created.
Is it possible to accomplish this in GATP? Using Rules Based ATP, possibly?
Any help / suggestions / ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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