master data in CTM

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master data in CTM

Post by sapksr » Sat Mar 22, 2008 4:24 am

Can any one of expain me ,
Shall i create seperate Master data i.e SELECTION OF MASTER DATA ( /SAPAPO/CTMMSEL) for each product interchangeabilty type i;e each for discontinuation , FFF Class & use discontinuation and FFF classes.

( or )
single master data selection is sufficient for discontinuation , FFF CLASS For the respective products and locations

because when i created master data selection ( EX : ZZTEST) for product interchangeabilty type for Discontinuation and i maintained location products in the next tab and i saved it. after that i used the same master data selection (ZZTEST)AND product interchangeabilty type FFF and i maintained different products and locations.

when i opened Transaction CTMMSEL and entered master data selection ( ZZTEST) and i selected product interchangeabilty type Discontinuation .i saw all the products and locations what are all maintained for all product interchaeabilty type ( Ex discontinuation , FFF ) , instead of respective Dicontinuation in the location products tab . I need only the respective location products for each Product interchangeabilty
( discontiuation ) for the same master data selection.

can any body please clarify my doubt.

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