CIF Subcon error

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CIF Subcon error

Post by Rex09 » Sun Jan 13, 2008 7:18 am

I am getting CIF error as below

ERROR-Location product XXXX/YYYY not assigned to active model
XXXX is Component and YYYY is Vendor location.
I am on SCM4,1 SP10, ECC5

The scenario is as below

A is CIFed to APO
B and C is also CIFed as components

User make changes to Process Ord in R3 to component. Changes COMPO C to D.
When order CIFed to APO.APO does not recognize COMPO D (since it is not yet in APO)and throws errors.

I have some OSS note on subcon errors but not one like this those are for FG and not for components.
I would like to knwo if some one encounter such issues and what is the possible solution.

Thanks in Advance..


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Post by MisterWatson » Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:18 am

It sounds like component D is maintained within an integration model but has not been correctly added to the 000 model. It also sounds like you do not expect or want component D to be in APO.

I suggest that you use CFM5 to check component D to ensure that it is not maintained in any integration model. Also, check field APOKZ in the MARC table and make sure that it too says that this component D is not APO relevant.

If that all looks OK look at the ATP check. Is the ATP check for component D being performed in APO. If it is you will get an error so you need to ensure, via CFM5, that component D does not have it's ATP check being performed in APO.


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