Multilingual Characters in Infoobject Master Data

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Multilingual Characters in Infoobject Master Data

Post by hellasangel » Tue Oct 22, 2002 5:09 am

Hi SAPFans!

I have the following problem with the master data load in BW:

The MM consultants of the R/3 installation have put international characters (Greek) as the key field of Basic Material. This means that when I import the material data into BW 0BASIC_MATL and 0MATERIAL have to be uploaded with this international characterset data in their attributes (not in their texts).

The upload procedure flows OK until the PSA Area, however when I try to load this attribute data into the data target (in this case 0MATERIAL is a data target) the load fails.

I wonder if anybody of you has faced a similar problem with multilingual master data. How did you solve it? R/3 is not live yet, however it will be quite difficult to change the master data for basic material in R/3 to engish characters only, as the client wants them in Greek.

Thanks for your help!

Angelos Chatzigiannakis
SAP Consultant/BW
Athens Greece
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El Belgio
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Post by El Belgio » Thu Oct 24, 2002 1:54 am

Not sure if this would help (as you did not include the error message)...
Go to customizing > Business Information Warehouse > General BW Settings > Maintain permitted extra characters
Here you can enter "extra" characters (e.g. some greek letters)... I guess that should solve your problems.


El Belgio

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See also note 173241...

Post by FCI » Thu Oct 24, 2002 3:12 am

... and the ALL_CAPITAL functionnality.

Never test it, tell me if that's useful for you.


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