Throttling BW?

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Throttling BW?

Post by DrSidewalk » Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:51 am

Is it possible to control/throttle BW process chains or general BW processing?.
For example, I would like to be able to control (without making changes to the Process chains) that all available BW processes would only utilised 40% of available processing (bakcground sessions).
I know I can sort of do this via Server groups and assign a lesser number of app servers to the group, and I could have a number of server groups 1 to 6, for example that identify how many app servers are available for use, then simple assign this server group to the process chain (attrributes).
However, that would have to be done on a process chain by Process chain basis. Ideally I would just like to, say, switch 60% down to 50% and have the resources availabe to any (new) Process chains due to execute only use 50% of resources. Therefore, if the process chain was complicated and had multiple channels, all running in parallel, then there could be many 100's of processes running for that a particular process chain. I would expect these to go into wait/hold if were switch the processing down to utilise just 50% rather than 60%.

This is the request I have been given, and am reliably informed that it will be invaluable if this could be achieved. It is possible to do something like this via the Control-M batch scheduling tool, whereby you can tweak the percentage of processes available for BW process chain use, for example. We don't have Control-M but would like to ahieve simiar results.

Dr Sidewalk

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