BW Query Time in "Others/RFC"

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BW Query Time in "Others/RFC"

Post by QZ » Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:18 pm


I am not sure whether this should be posted to Basis or BW.

We are running BW 7.30 using Business Objects as a front-end. There are a lot of performance
issues with queries. In transaction RSRCACHE, I see that the OLAP cache is sized as
default (4MB local and global), a lot less than recommended.

According to ST03N or the Earlywatch BW report, most of the query time is spent
not in the database, OLAP or frontend, but in "Others/RFC". For example, one query's
average runtime was 3300 seconds, with 3000 seconds in "Others/RFC".

What are some of the issues that can cause the queries to be categorized as spending
so much time in "Others/RFC" (According to Earlywatch)?

Also, if the OLAP cache is very small, can that cause queries that would otherwise
use the OLAP cache to spend time in the "others/RFC" category (Perhaps by
needing appl. server time to run or something else).


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